ezie cotler

"Ezie is a talented and hard working actor who is a pleasure to worth with. He also has that elusive quality that all writers look for in an actor - an innate ability to take words on a page and make them come to life on stage or on screen. I look forward to seeing a lot more of ezie on stage or on screen in the future!"

— Meredith Post, Playwright, Dramatists Guild

"Ezie is a hard-working, talented, and determined person. I had the pleasure to work with Ezie as a fellow actor, and his work is not only honest and true to that of genuine human emotion, but it is magnetic and entertaining to watch. I know his work ethic, and I have no doubts that if he continues on the path he has chosen, he will reach any level of success that he desire."

— Keith Longo, Student, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

"Ezie is a notoriously hard worker and determined, goal-oriented person. When he gets involved in projects, he does not separate himself from the task at hand until it is complete, whether it is becoming a specific role or carrying a whole show. When responsibility is put on him he delivers in the clutch."

— Joaquin Cotler, Keyboard of Directors, Visionary Position

"Ezie is a hard-working and serious actor, writer and model of considerable versatility. He is ruggedly attractive and athletic, and is capable of portraying a variety of ethnic roles."

— Michael Cotler, Owner, MountainHouse Productions